Hospitality Social Media Manager

Before even stepping foot in a restaurant, guests are browsing the web for their next meal.  In today's world, digital media plays such a huge role in the food and beverage scene.

Studies show that customers between the ages of 18-35 spend 5 whole days a year browsing food and drink images on Instagram and 30% said they would avoid the establishment if the restaurants account was weak or nonexistent.

And not only are customers looking for restaurants with a photogenic social media presence, they are looking for restaurants that offer them the opportunity to take great photos and share on their personal social media! Which for business is key. With millennials and tech-savvy customers as the targeted demographic, what better place to take advantage of your social media than Silicon Valley. 

That's where we come in! Offering a turn-key solution for all your promotional needs.  We work hard to simplify the process of running things behind the scenes so you can focus on the day to day hospitality.

We offer a number of food and beverage promotional packages that provide you with all the tools you need to raise brand awareness. 

1 Month Starter Package (begins at $500)


  • Professional photographs to highlight the restaurants enviorment
  • Professional photographs of popular menu items
  • Daily posts and updates to build your social media presence
  • Creating buzz for any upcoming events

In addition, we offer Influencer Events. These are a great way to create buzz around the Bay Area.  As your social media managers, we would handle all the planning and work with you to create an amazing event. 

Continuation of social media management $300/month